2024 3rd International Conference on Science Education and Art Appreciation (SEAA 2024)

SEAA 2024

* Time background

As a leading role in the global megatrend of scientific innovation, China has been creating a more and more open environment for scientific innovation, increasing the depth and breadth of academic cooperation, and building a community of innovation that benefits all. These endeavors have made new contribution to globalization and creating a community of shared future.

2024 3rd International Conference on Science Education and Art Appreciation (SEAA 2024)will be  held on June 28-30, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It aims to encourage exchange of information on research frontiers in different fields, connect the most advanced academic resources in China and abroad, turn research results into industrial solutions, bring together talents, technologies and capital to boost development. The purpose of the conference is to provide an international platform for experts, scholars, engineers and technicians, and technical R&D personnel engaged in related fields such as "Science Education" and "Art Appreciation" , to share scientific research results, broaden research ideas, collide with new ideas, and strengthen academic research,and to explore the key challenges and research directions faced by the development of this field, and promote the industrialization cooperation of academic achievements. Experts, scholars, business people and other relevant personnel from universities and research institutions at home and abroad are cordially invited to attend and exchange.

* About Science Education and Art Appreciation

In contemporary society, we have begun to reflect seriously on the negative effects caused by neglecting humanities while paying too much attention to science education, and have begun to pay attention to infiltrating human humanistic spirit in science. As one of the core of humanities, art embodies strong humanistic spirit. Human ideals, aspirations, emotions, morality and other humanistic characteristics are contained in the artistic works created by artists from different histories and countries. Therefore, the art curriculum has the humanistic nature and bears the task of cultivating students' humanistic spirit. Not only make students influenced by good art, but also make them have a positive spiritual pursuit, get rid of the shackles of material interests, but also make them have a sense of civilization and history.

Submission System



Important Dates

Full Paper Submission Date

May 28, 2024

Registration Deadline

June 08, 2024

Final Paper Submission Date

June 18, 2024

Conference Dates

June 28-30, 2024




Topics of interest include but are not limited to


◆ Science of education, history of education

◆ Educational psychology, teaching practice

◆ Physical education, physical mental health

◆ Pedagogy principles, Curriculum and pedagogy

◆ Preschool education, higher education

◆ Psychology, physical education

◆ Vocational and technical education

◆ Special pedagogy

◆ Educational Technology

◆ Humanities and sociology of Sports


◆ Language, art theor

◆ Art, animation

◆ Drama, film and television management

◆ Design, art design

◆ Music and dance

◆ broadcasting

◆ Landscape planning and design

◆ Literature, fiction appreciation, The international literature

◆ History spread

◆ Translation aesthetics

Details of the Registration

1. Registration fees for SEAA 2024 Regular is 270 USD / 2600 CNY per paper.

2. If the length of thepaper exceeds 6 Pages, the cost of Each Extra Page (begin at Page 7) is50 USD / 300 CNY.

3. Registration fees include conference proceedings, lunches, souvenirs and attending all technical sessions.

4. The registration fee does not include: 

   • Accommodation

   • Visa application fee

   • Transportation fare

5. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register. 

6. Completed registrations will be acknowledged by the Organizing Committee within 2-5 workdays after receiving your payment.

7. If you cannot attend the conference due to some reasons, we will post the print proceedings to you together with the payment receipt/Fapiao.

8. And at least 20% of the registration fee will be charged as the service fee if you retract your paper for personal reasons.



JUNE 28, 2024

Registration & Material Collecting

January 29, 2024

Opening Ceremony + Keynote Speech + Parallel Sessions

January 30, 2024

Academic Visit/One Day Visit (Pending)

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